About Me

Documentary, portrait and event photographer

Hi, I’m Jessie! The woman behind the camera and fly on the wall you see around: observing, taking it all in and capturing the things you maybe didn’t see. I’m curious. Looking for stories and things you don’t see at first, but need to be told. 
Take my project about 
young people with acquired brain injury. Their injury is invisible.. Or all the hard working people behind the scenes at a festival like the Zwarte Cross. Or what do you think about the journey a band or artist makes? 
Everyone has his own story, his own process and I’m happy to discover those stories through my lens and show them to the world.  

Some clients are: 
Paradiso (in house photographer), Popronde (in house photographer), De Feestfabriek: De Zwarte Cross & Mañana Mañana, Agents After All: Royal Park & Racoon, OrpheusTribe Company/Rockup Store: De Tuin & Het Strand van 2020, De Coöperatie (in house photographer), KINKJasper Nijholt Light Design, PossibilizeDierenpark AmersfoortSpoorwegmuseum 

P.S: Did you know I play the violin as well? Take a look at this page and let me know if I can help you!

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